AUGEO Multi-Clean

5 litres
From 52.00

Liquid Hand Sanitiser

WHO Recommended Handrub Formulation
From 39.50


aka IPS , Isopropyl alcohol.
From 29.40

Hyper Foam

Super-concentrated High Activity Foam
From 19.10

Citric Acid monohydrate

From 6.75

Glycerine - Vegetable origin

aka Glycerol
From 28.00

Screenwash All Seasons concentrate

Screen washer anti-freeze additive.
From 19.95


Traffic film remover with extra 'wax' rinse aid
From 15.85


Super concentrated traffic film remover
From 24.75


Water tank biocide
From 108.00


Pentrating oil, Water repellent and lubricant
From 12.60

Wash 'n Wax

Exterior shampoo with natural carnauba wax
From 5.55

Liquid Paraffin - Fine White Oil

High purity mineral oil
From 21.45

Toilet Paper

Standard toilet tissue 2 ply - 24 rolls
From 14.20

Pelican Pump Push Dispenser

Push down pump for plastic jerry cans.
From 15.65

Slalom - general sanisiter

General purpose sanitiser
From 18.00

Algex - mould and algae remover.

A biodegradable algae remover.
From 12.95

Demineralised Water

aka De-ionised water
From 18.95

Super Whizzo floor cleaner

Non caustic low foam floor cleaner
From 7.85


aka Wood alcohol, methyl alcohol
From 19.00
Dib Dab

Dib Dab

water based plastic and rubber sheen
From 7.35

IMS 99

Industrial Methylated Spirits - 99% ethanol
From 15.65

Odourless Kerosene

Highly purified aliphatic hydrocarbon
From 22.45
Carnauba Wax Flake

Carnauba Wax Flake

Carnauba Wax - flakes - pure.
From 6.85

Dowanol TPM

Highly specialised glycol ether
From 45.40

Tar & Glue Remover

Does what it says on the tin
From 31.55


Fabric and carpet shampoo
From 8.75

British Chemical Products

At British Chemical Products we are just a little bit different from the norm. For a start we are not a marketing company � we formulate and manufacture all our chemical products, from Traffic Film Removers to Vintage Gold Wax polish, and from Battery Terminal Grease to Super Whizzo floor cleaner. Then we supplement our chemical range by buying in the best and most cost effective non chemical sundries we can find. Accessories like wash mitts and spray bottles. We can�t stock everything, but we do try to to provide all the essentials.

Another element of our success is our attitude to your feedback. We acknowlege that we are always learning, and this way we improve. And because we are confident with our technology and our product range, when you tell us about our products, we listen, because we want to change things if we don�t get things quite right the first time round. Furthermore, if you can not find the product you are looking for on our site, contact us and we can either advise you on the best product in our range that will work for you, or if possible we could make it for you. Typically this bespoke service is for business users. See our contact page - please use it to give us feedback.

We hope you like our approach to business, and appreciate the quality of our products,

Dave Fairweather
Managing Director



After 2 years of resesrch and development we now offer a high activity and high foaming Traffic Film Remover. For best results it should be used with air injection foam generators. Call us for details.

Export enquiries

Due to changes arising from Brexit we cannot accept any orders on our website from the EU.

WHO formula Hand Sanitiser

WHO formula HSE authorised Isopropanol based liquid Hand Sanitiser is now available for immediate delivery.


We are currently updating our product pictures that show the latest CPL packaging requirements. For the latest Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) please contact us using the contact email addresses.


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