Frequently Asked Questions

What is Traffic Film Remover (TFR), and why use it?
Traffic Film Remover (TFR) comes in many different strengths, but they all share 1 common property - they are deep cleaning shampoos and are all alkaline I.E. very powerful. What you want will depend on the type of vehicle you want to clean - car, van, truck, bus or plant. We offer several types, but it can appear a complex choice. To make it easier, contact us for details - we have been experts in this product range for over 30 years. We can advise on the right choice for you.

Do British Chemical Products make biodegradable products?
Yes, most of our products are fully biodegradable, including all our Traffic Film Removers and Shampoos, and all car wash and jet wash chemicals. But the question if what is enviromentally friendly is more complex. Call us if you want an interesting and revealing opinion on this.

Would I like help to optimise SEO on my website?
A word to all those wise website designers out there in internet land. I am not interested in your help, so please save your time, and mine, and call someone else who might be more interested.

How do I get extra discount from the prices shown?
This is the perfect win-win scenario. You want discount, and we want more sales. So if you want to increase your purchase value by buying multiple packs of several different products we are happy to give you discount. We have already anticipated this in some of our multiple pack options, but if there is a combination you want that is not shown, call us direct for a special quote.

How do I get an MSDS (safety data sheet)?
Contact us to request one.

What is Traffic Film Remover?
All Traffic Film Removers are alkaline water based concentrates used mostly by garages and hauliers to clean all types of vehicles. Although they are irritating to the skin, they are preferred because they clean more quickly and more effectively than neutral cleaners. We make all our Traffic Film Removers as safe as possible, but if you want a non-irritating product use one of our neutral shampoos such as Car Shampoo E, or Active Foam.

Can I become a stockist or distributor?
Yes, almost certainly you can. Call us for details about which areas are available.

How do I know your products really work?
British Chemical Products has only ever sold to the trade, main dealers, valeters, bus and coach operators, and hauliers. By making products that satisfy the most demanding customers you can be sure it works – if it didn’t we would not still be in business. And all our products are the same high trade standard.

What is the best way to clean a car?
First wash off any dirt and grit with a high pressure hose or pressure washer. Then use a sponge, or wash mitt, make up a solution of Car Shampoo E, and wash the outside thoroughly, styarting from the bottom of the car working upwards. Rinse, leather dry, and then polish with Vintage Gold Wax Polish.

How do I clean my windows without them going smeary?
First clean them with Car Shampoo E, or Traffic Film Remover (TFR 9) if they are very greasy. Then using an absorbent cotton cloth – cotton towelling is ideal – spray on Super Clear glass cleaning liquid and buff up. Or use Glass Polish if the interior glass is very dirty. And our glass cleaners do not contain any wax or silicone, so they will not smear.

What is the capital of Peru?


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