Commercial Vehicle Fleet Cleaning

The most commonly used products in the range, because they can clean all vehicle types, and meet the needs of professional cleaner, fleet operator and owner operator alike. They can all be used through steam cleaners, brush washes, gantry washes and by hand with a knap-sack sprayer.

TFR 6 Extra Shine

Traffic film remover with extra 'wax' rinse aid TFR 6 Extra Shine

A unique product that not only cleans well, but rinses brilliantly due to its special wax like additives. It can be diluted down to 1%, making it great value. Use through all types of steam cleaners, cold pressure washers, gantry and brush washes...

Weight Price
TFR 6 EX - 5 litresTFR65 6 kg 15.85
Favorite pack for the diy-er, enthusiast, and owner operator.
TFR 6 EX - 25 litresTFR625 28 kg 48.60
Simply the biggest selling pack size of all the products we sell - this says one thing, this product does what people want in terms of price and result.
TFR 6 EX - 4 x 25 litres.TFR6100 112 kg 131.00
Great money saving option.
TFR 6 EX 16 x 25 litresTFR6400 450 kg 480.00
16 x 25 litre drums on a pallet. Preferred quantity for motor factors and stockists.
TFR 6 EX - 205 litresTFR6205 230 kg 199.00
The hauliers favorite, this pack offers what even the most discriminating truckers want - excellent cleaning at an outstanding price (discounts available on multiple barrel orders).
TFR 6 EX - 1000 litresTFR61K 1200 kg 985.00
This size is only for hauliers with a fleet size of 100 plus vehicles.
TFR 6 EX - 4 x 205 litres.TFR6800 960 kg 894.00
Pallet quantity for a fantastic deal.

TFR 3 Pro-choice

Strong caustic concentrated traffic film remover

For most heavy duty applications, designed for use at 1 - 3%. It can be used through all types of steam cleaner or cold pressure washer. TFR 3 cleans truck paintwork, trailer curtainsiders, plant and vans. It is designed for busy high volume cl...

Weight Price
TFR 3 - 5 litresTFR35 6 kg 18.55
A ideal pack for the enthusiast or part time valeter. Try this size first before commiting to a more cost effectiv size.
TFR 3 - 25 litresTFR325 28 kg 51.00
Conventional pack size for most customers.
TFR 3 - 4 x 25 litres.TFR3100 120 kg 182.00
Money saving option equivalent to 4 for the price of 3.
TFR 3 - 205 litresTFR3205 230 kg 245.00
A preferred pack for hauliers a,d fleet operators.
TFR 3 - 4 x 205 litres.TFR3800 960 kg 860.00
Pallet quantity. Some seriously good value here - better than 4 for the price of 3.
TFR 3 - 1000 litresTFR31K 1200 kg 1020.00
Transitank (IBC) for the large fleet operator, or busy commercial vehicle cleaner.

TFR 55 Fleet Cleaner

Fleet cleaner for van and truck fleet operators TFR 55 Fleet Cleaner

A non-ionic biodegradable traffic film remover with 2% caustic designed for use in all high volume cleaning operations. TFR 55 can be diluted to 1%, so its is the best value traffic film remover, and can be used through all types of steam cleanin...

Weight Price
TFR 55 - 5 litresTFR555 6 kg 15.40
An excellent general purpose vehicle cleaning concentrate, one 5 litre pack can make up to 25 litres of ready to use TFR.
TFR 55 - 25 litresTFR5525 28 kg 44.60
A very popular purchase for valeters, small fleet operators, garages and bodyshops.
TFR 55 - 4 x 25 litres.TFR55100 112 kg 124.00
Multiple packs to save money - 4 for the price of 3.
TFR 55 - 205 litresTFR55205 230 kg 179.00
The most commonly requested pack size for medium to large businesses - from contract cleaners to rental companies, and hauliers to garages.
TFR55 - 4 x 205 litreTFR55820 960 kg 580.00
Fantastically cost effective option for fleet users. Price equates to 70.7 pence per litre.
TFR 55 - 1000 litresTFR551K 1200 kg 835.00
For the busiest users and the largest fleet operators this pack offers excellent cost advantages.

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