Non Caustic Traffic Film Removers

For those users who insist on a completely caustic free product we have two alternative products. Both have excellent eco friendly profiles.

Disinfectant 555

EN 1276 and BS EN 14476 approved

A super concentrated Disinfectant that kills most bacteria and viruses, including Corona virus 2019 Dilution - effective at 2%

Weight Price
Disinfectant 555 - 5 litresBIF05 6 kg 37.40
Trade pack size is perfect for small kitchens, restaurants and nursing homes, schools.
Disinfectant 555 - 25 litresBIF25 28 kg 92.30
The perfect pack size for smaller food distribution companies that need to clean vehicles inside and out on a daily basis. Please ask for discount if you want to order more than 1 x 25 litre.
Disinfectant 555 - 205 litresBIF205 230 kg 555.00
Bulk quantity for trde users and contractors.


Eco friendly non caustic traffic film remover

A high quality highly concentrated Traffic Film Remover, it is designed to be biodegradable and environmentally friendly. It contains no caustic alkalis, no phosphates, no solvents, and all ingredients are selected due to their quick biodegradabi...

Weight Price
TFR 9 - 5 litresTFR905 6 kg 14.70
The ideal pack size for motorbike owners, scramblers, and caravan owners.
TFR 9 EX - 4 x 5 litresTFR920 22 kg 38.00
TFR 9 - 25 litresTFR925 28 kg 44.85
One of the most cost effective pack sizes - one of the most cost effective eco friendly products on the market.
TFR 9 - 4 x 25 litres.TFR9100 112 kg 147.55
Great money saving option if you are into saving money.
TFR 9 - 205 litresTFR9205 230 kg 238.00
205 litre is the Fleet operators' preferred pack size.
TFR 9 - 4 x 205 litres.TFR9800 960 kg 786.00
Pallet rate and, at the risk of sounding repetitive, what great value.
TFR 9 - 1000 litresTFR91K 1200 kg 895.00
The IBC or transitank should only be considered if you have an business large enough to justify this amount of product. If in doubt call us for advice. And remember we give discount for multi barrel orders.

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