Hand Washing Thingummy-bobs

The basic tools of the job - sponges, leathers, wash mitts, buckets etc.


The common sponge, aka 'spungiflora artificialis'

This little fella comes in any colour, provided you want yellow.

Weight Price
Sponge - singleSPO1 0.1 kg 1.35
We have specially selected this sponge to be the perfect size, texture, strength and absorbency to clean cars to perfection.
Sponge - pack of 5SPO5 0.25 kg 4.85
A pack of 5 sponges.
Sponge - pack of 20SPO20 1 kg 12.55
Get more for less.

Wash Mitt

The best way to wash a car Wash Mitt

A highly absorbent 100% cotton glove with elasticated wrist-band. Using this mitt you can shampoo a car more quickly and efficiently, because as you wear the mitt, you feel your hand on the paintwork. Also the mitt holds dirt and grit which it t...

Weight Price
Wash Mitt - singleWM1 0.2 kg 4.85
An individually packed wash mitt.
Wash Mitt - pack of 5WM5 0.75 kg 16.95
Family pack - for a family of 5, everyone can wash the car !
Wash Mitt - pack of 20WM20 3 kg 57.45
For very large families, and car washes, garages, fleet operators

Sammy the Synthetic chamois

Just like the real thing only artificial ! Sammy the Synthetic chamois

Some people say a real chamois leather is the perfect way of drying off a car, others say they are more time consuming to wring out, and prefer the synthetic version. Whatever your opinion there is no doubt Sammys are quick and easy to use, and a...

Weight Price
Sammy the Synthetic Chamois - single.SAM1 0.25 kg 4.45
A singular Sammy - only one thing to say - an excellent way to dry your car. What a wringing endorsement!
Sammy the Synthetic Chamois - pack of 5SAM5 0.5 kg 14.95
Pack of 5 for someone with 5 cars, or for someone with 5 hands, or for someone with 5 reasons to use a synthetic chamois ....
Sammy the Synthetic Chamois - pack of 20SAM20 2 kg 49.00
Trade pack for valeters.

Sammy Conditioner

Synthetic Leather Enhancer

A unique product designed to improve the performance of synthetic chamois. Just add a few drops to a bucket of clean water, and when you rinse the Sammy synthetic chamois in this solution it not only improves the performace of the Sammy, but it a...

Weight Price
Sammy Conditioner - 250 mlSC025 0.35 kg 4.50
Just 4 drops per 5 litres of water will improve Sammy performance.

Genuine Chamois Leather

Real chamois leather.

The real McCoy - top quality full skin leather for drying your car after having washed it.

Weight Price
Chamois LeatherCL1 1 kg 9.55
Single top quality leather in re-seal plastic bag.

Plastic Bucket 5 litre

White Plastic Bucket with lid

A plastic bucket complete with lid - to use to wash your car, and then to store your basic car cleaning bits and bobs

Weight Price
Plastic bucket and lidPB1 0.5 kg 1.75
Plastic bucket and lid x 3PB3 1.5 kg 3.95

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