Acid Cleaners

For bare metal cleaning and renovating.

Georges Aluminium Cleaner

A concentrated acid blend.

A best value blend of acids for cleaning all types of aluminium commercial vehicle bodywork, especially fridge and bulk trailer bodies. It is a concentrated blend of hydrochloric and phosphoric acid. Named after 'George' who helped us immeasurabl...

Weight Price
Georges Aluminium Cleaner 5 litresGEO5 6 kg 26.35
Enough to restore up to 15 square metres of aluminium.
Georges Aluminium Cleaner 25 litresGEO25 32 kg 87.20
Enough to restore up to 75 square metres of aluminium.
Georges Aluminium Cleaner - 205 litresGEO205 240 kg 424.00
Big barrel for large fleet operators or professional commercial vehicle cleaners.


Acid Descaling Fluid

A extra strong Hydrochloric acid based liquid with inhibitor to help prevent it attacking metal components. It dissolves hard water scale found in steam cleaners and boilers, and also can be used to remove concrete from cement mixers etc. Beca...

Weight Price
Descaler - 5 litresDES5 6 kg 24.85
For owners of steam cleaners to help remove hard water scale.
Descaler - 25 litresDES25 30 kg 66.20
A trade pack for plant rental companies, valeters, and factory maintenance departments.
Descaler - 4 x 25 litresDES100 120 kg 198.60
Discounted price for larger volume.
Descaler - 205 litresDES205 240 kg 336.00
For busy plant hire companies, builders, ready mix operators.

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