Screenwashes & De-Icers

For a range of windscreen washer bottle additives suitable for all year round use, and de-icers.

Screenwash Ready To Use

Frost protection to - 6 'C

This ready to use screenwash not only cleans well, but also gives frost protection down to -6'C Bulk packs for fleet users and very special prices. For tade and professional use only.

Weight Price
Screenwash RTU - 4 X 205 LITSWR820 820 kg 289.00
4 X 205 LIT Barrels of Ready to Use Screenwash
Screenwash RTU - 1000 LITSWR1000 1050 kg 299.00
One IBC of Ready to Use Screenwash, with forst protection down to -6'C

Screenwash Fleetscreen Concentrate

Bulk screenwash for fleet and trade use.

For use in large fleets, Fleetscreen is a concentrated screenwash to be diluted. It can also be 'ready-to-use'. Gives frost protection down to -15'C in neat form. It is based on methanol, so is for trade and professional use only.

Weight Price
Screenwash Fleetscreen - 205 litresSFS205 210 kg 149.90
Screenwash Fleetscreen - 2 X 205 litresSFS410 402 kg 298.00
Pallet of 2 barrels of ready to use screenwash - 410 litres in total.
Screenwash Fleetscreen - 4 x 205 litresSFS820 820 kg 498.00
Pallet of 4 barrels of ready to use screenwash - 820 litres in total
Screenwash Fleetscreen - 1000 litreSFS1000 1050 kg 586.00
Supplied in a 1000 litre IBC.

Screenwash All Seasons concentrate

Screen wash & anti-freeze additive.

Screenwash All Seasons is a biodegradable concentrate, containing a pleasant fragrance. For summer use it can be diluted dow to 5%. For winter frost protection use at 25 - 50%. When used neat it protects down to -16'C. It is based on a mix of in...

Weight Price
Screenwash all seasons - 2 x 5 litresSCW10 11 kg 19.95
To keep costs down this is the smallest pack size we do. It's not the cheapest screenwash around, but it is one of the best.
Screenwash all seasons - 4 x 5 litresSCW20 20 kg 38.90
A case of 4 x 5 litres.
Screenwash all seasons - 25 litresSCW25 27 kg 40.50
For garages and fleet operators - put a tap on it for easy dispensing and dilution.
Screenwash All Seasons - 4 x 25 litres.SCW100 108 kg 138.00
A discounted price for multiple drums.
Screenwash All seasons - 8 x 25 litresSCW200 220 kg 239.00
Special bulk price for 8 x 25 litres of screenwash - best price possible and the convenience of 25 litre drums.
Screenwash all seasons - 205 litresSCW205 220 kg 188.50
For large fleet operators such as rental companies, bus operators and hauliers.
Screenwash All Seasons 2 x 205 litSCW410 420 kg 406.00
Special deal - price includes free shipping to any destination in mainland England and Wales. Scotland may be surcharged.
Screenwash All Seasons - 4 x 205 litreSCW820 840 kg 685.00
4 x 205 litre barrels of All Seasons Screenwash - packed on 1 pallet. Special deal INCLUDES FREE SHIPPING anywhere mainland England & Wales.
Scrrenwash All Seasons - 1000 litresSCW1000 1050 kg 685.00
Supplied in a 1000 litre IBC.

Screenwash Winter Concentrate

Extra Concentrated

For safety this is based on a methanol / ethanol mix. It is designed to clean and degrease windscreens, and protect from frost at temperatures down to -30'C.

Weight Price
Screenwash Winter Concentrate - 5 litresSWC05 5 kg 18.60
Screenwash Winter Concentrate - 4 x 5 litresSWC20 20 kg 58.50
Screenwash Winter Concentrate - 25 litresSWC25 25 kg 64.40
Ideal for small fleet operators, like taxi operators, companies with a small fleet of cars, vans, or trucks.
Screenwash Winter Concentrate - 4 x 25 litresSWC100 104 kg 219.00
100 litres of Screenwash Winter Concentrate packed in 4 x 25 litre drums.
Screenwash Winter concentrate - 8 x 25 litresSWC200 220 kg 429.00
Special bulk price for 8 x 25 litres of screenwash - best price possible and the convenience of 25 litre drums. Comes with a free tap for dispensing from the drum.
Screenwash Winter Concentrate - 205 litresSWC205 205 kg 396.50
For large fleet operators this pack size of a 205 litre barrel can be used with a 205 litre Syphon Pump.

Screenwash Extra Cold

Screen washer additive for extra cold conditions.

For extremely cold temperatures below minus 60'C you might want to use Screenwash Extra Cold. Fortunately in the UK it is rarely needed. But if you are travelling abroad, or your car is parked in a particularly exposed area try this for extra fr...

Weight Price
Screenwash Extra Cold - 5 litresSWX5 5 kg 25.55
Use it as described. Or extend 5 litres to make 25 litres of standard screenwash.
Screenwash Extra Cold - 4 x 5 litSWX20 22 kg 82.40
Box of 4 x 5 litre containers.
Screenwash Extra Cold - 25 litresSWX25 26 kg 88.00
Trade pack for fleet operators.
Screenwash Extra Cold - 205 litreSWX205 220 kg 497.50
Packed in 1 x 205 lit barrel.

Waterless De-Icer

Defrosting solution for vehicle glass

As the name implies this product is pure alcohol with special additives to help prevent ice reforming. Many products from other manufacturers may contain some water - ours contains 100% alcohol. The photo above illustrates how effective it is. ...

Weight Price
Waterless De-Icer - 10 x 500 mlWD056 3 kg 39.55
Pack of 6 x 500 ml bottles. Each bottle is supplied with a finger spray applicator.
Waterless De-icer - 5 litresWD5 5 kg 32.90
Trade pack for fleet operators.
Waterless De-icer - 25 litresWD25 26 kg 84.80
Bulk pack - order a 25 litre drum tap for easy dispensing.
Waterless De-icer - 4 x 25 litreWD100 90 kg 289.00
4 x 25 litre drums.

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