Plastic & Rubber Sheens

Special treats and treatments for your horseless carriage.

Dib Dab

water based plastic and rubber sheen Dib Dab

A solvent free water based silicone emulsion, designed to be eco-friendly. When sprayed (or wiped) onto any rubber or plastic surface it dries to give a temporary sheen - not a bright shiny gloss, but a natural looking sheen. It is also ideal for...

Weight Price
Dib Dab - 350 mlDD035 0.5 kg 7.35
Retail pack size for the enthusiast.
Dib Dab - 5 litresDD5 5 kg 24.75
Trade pack for the valeter, garage or fleet operator. It would even suit the very enthusiastic enthusiast !
Dib Dab - 4 x 5 litresDD20 22 kg 87.00
For an extra good price buy a case of Dib Dab. Ideal for high volume valeters and garages, and fleet operators.
Dib Dab - 25 litresDD25 26 kg 104.00
1 x 25 lit drum of Dib Dab.

Fender Gel

Silicone Free 'black to black' plastic sheen.

Recently reformulated this thick solvent based gel protects exterior plastic trim, such as unpainted plastic bumpers. It not only causes the water to bead up and run off, but it makes the plastic return to their original colour, usually black or ...

Weight Price
Fender Gel - 5 litresFG5 5 kg 28.45
Trade pack for the professional valeter.
Fender Gel - 350 mlFG035 0.4 kg 8.85
Retail pack size for the enthusiast.

Moonshine - tyre and tyre whitewall cleaner

Specialised cleaner to clean tyre whitewalls

Spray onto your whitewall tyres, and rinse off with water. Restores tyre whitewalls to gleaming white. Leaves no film or gloss - just cleans tyre leaving natural finish.

Weight Price
Moonshine - 1 litreMSH01 1.2 kg 9.25
Retail pack - 1 x 1 litre bottle.
Moonshine - 5 litresMSH05 6 kg 21.75
Tyre whitewall cleaner
Moonshine - 4 x 5 litresMSH20 22 kg 72.55
Trade pack of 4 x 5 litre containers.
Moonshine - 25 litresMSH25 28 kg 82.00
Professional or trade drum.

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