Sundry Items

A selection of little gadgets and gizmos to help dispense and use the chemicals.

Hand Washing Thingummy-bobs The basic tools of the job - sponges, leathers, wash mitts, buckets etc.
Brushes A comprehensive range of top quality vehicle brushes.
Car Dusters The perfect accessory for owners of show cars, and others who want that perfect finish without the inconvenience of rewashing. Within minutes of polishing or washing your car, a layer of dust will settle on it. The microfibre technology in the car duster removes dust and dirt without scratching the surface. Quick - easy - perfect result.
Hoses & Couplers A variety of hoses to help you manage your water supply.
Water Blades Systems to swipe water off glass and panels.
Sprayers All sorts of devices to apply chemicals.
Dispensing Systems Because we care about our customers, we also supply the things you need to get chemical out of the container quickly, economically, and without spillage. We have a specially selected range of alternatives. But please remember to check with us first if you want a dispensing system to use with chemicals not supplied with us - they may not fit or be compatible.


Used chemical transitanks. Heavy Duty Plastic bottle within a steel frame, mounted on a steel or wooden pallet base. With top opening and bottom tap. Ideal for use as water storage for gardens, allotments, farms. The price does not include del...

Weight Price
Water Butt 1000 litre - A gradeWB1000A 70 kg 65.00
Nearly new tank, thoroughly washed and ready for immediate service.
Water Butt 1000 litre - B gradeWB1000B 70 kg 39.00
Used and slightly damaged tank ,but still structurally sound. Wshed and ready for service.
Water Butt 1000 litre - C gradeWB1000C 70 kg 19.90
Slightly damaged tank and slightly stained. Washed but may have some tainting from products stored in tank. Perfectly good enough for gardening use.
Water Butt 1000 litre - D gradeWB1000D 70 kg 8.29
Old and damaged tank. Serviceable but not pretty. Good enough providing you are not growing prize winning marrows or the like!


Good quality used clean metal barrel - 205 litre METAL BARREL - 205 LITRE

These barrels have been used for storing non-tainting solvents - so are water and rust free inside - ideal for storing diesel, gas oil etc. Can be delivered by our transport, but depends on destination. Phone us for price, delivery and availability.

Weight Price
Metal barrel - used 205 lit x 50MB50 750 kg 3.00
50 metal barrels - price is GBP3 each barrel - total price GBP150 + VAT ex works.
Metal barrel - used 205 lit x 5MB5 75 kg 25.00

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