Shampoo - For Vehicle Exteriors

All the shampoos you need to clean the outside of your vehicle.

Snow Foam - white foam

Mousse like foam concentrate Snow Foam - white foam

A high activity biodegradable neutral pH shampoo that when used with foam generating equipment produces and thick mousse like foam that lasts longer than ordinary foams. It gives you more time to clean your car before the shampoo dries out, and t...

Weight Price
Snow Foam White - 5 litresSFW05 5.5 kg 17.75
Ideal pack size for the enthusiast.
Snow Foam White - 25 litresSFW25 27 kg 49.40
Pack size preferred by the trade.

Snow Foam - pink foam

Thick pink foam shampoo concentrate Snow Foam - pink foam

The same type of product as Snow Foam - white, only this red concentrate produces a pink mousse like foam. It cleans in the same way, but just looks amazing.

Weight Price
Snow Foam Pink - 5 litresSFP05 5.5 kg 22.25
Ideal pack size for the enthusiast.
Snow Foam Pink - 25 litresSFP25 27 kg 78.90
Trade pack.

Car Shampoo E

Low viscosity vehicle shampoo Car Shampoo E

The 'E' means equipment grade, a special biodegradable low viscosity high foaming shampoo that is used in many applications - car washes, bus washes, truck cab cleaning, car and van washing. Viscosity is important, so low viscosity enables it to b...

Weight Price
Car Shampoo E - 1 litreCSE1 1 kg 5.75
A cost effective pack size of the enthusiast and diy-er
Car Shampoo E - 10 litresCSE10 11 kg 17.40
Mini trade pack that fits many auto brush washes. And it is a convenient pack size for low volume users.
Car Shampoo E - 25 litresCSE25 26 kg 39.80
Trade pack for garages, valeters, bus truck and van fleet operators
Car Shampoo E - 16 x 25 litresCSE400 395 kg 345.00
Because of the popularity of this product with trade users (auto and hand wash operators) we offer substantial discounts for bulk users. Price shown is for a pallet of 16 x 25 litre drums.
Car Shampoo E - 205 litresCSE205 218 kg 192.00
Bulk pack for large fleet operators. The most cost effective way to buy Car Shampoo E. Can be dispensed using a 205 litre syphon pump, or the machine chemical pipe can be placed directly into the barrel.

Wash 'n Wax

Exterior shampoo with natural carnauba wax Wash 'n Wax

A thick concentrated high foaming shampoo that contains premium quality carnauba wax. It not only cleans paintwork effectively, but leaves a superb streak free wax finish. Use it by hand with a sponge or wash mitt to clean good quality paintwork...

Weight Price
Wash n Wax - 500 mlWNW05 1 kg 5.55
Retail pack for the classic car enthusiast, or an ideal starter purchase to give it a good test run before buying a larger pack
Wash n Wax - 5 litresWNW5 6 kg 19.75
Typical trade pack size - buy just one, or a case of 4 and get a case discount
Wash n Wax - 4 X 5 litresWNW20 22 kg 49.50
Special trade pack of 4 x 5 litres, at a special trade price. And free delivery.
Wash n Wax - 25 litresWNW25 27 kg 58.30
Large pack for garages and workshops. Screw top taps for the 25 litre drum are available to ensure economical and fuss free dispensing.
Wash n Wax - 4 x 25 litres.WNW100 108 kg 174.00
Multiple pack purchase to save money compared to buying just one 25 litre at a time.

Hyper Foam

Super-concentrated High Activity Foam

A high activity foam designed to be diluted to 0.5%. It cleans and degreases paintowork, and its easy rinse formulation means a great finish even where water conservation means rinse water volumes are reduced. This super concentrated foam lasts l...

Weight Price
Hyper Foam - 1 litreHYF01 1 kg 9.20
Value size retail pack.
Hyper Foam - 5 litresHYF05 5.5 kg 19.45
Trade pack for small fleet operators.
Hyper Foam - 10 litresHYF10 11 kg 32.00
Small pack that fits most forecourt jet washes.
Hyper Foam - 25 litresHYF25 27 kg 74.50
For larger installations.

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