Interior Detergents

Products to clean all parts of the truck or bus interior, our experience provides you with a complete system for the supply and dispensing of chemical cleaners.

Disinfectant 555

EN 1276 and BS EN 14476 approved

A super concentrated Disinfectant that kills most bacteria and viruses, including Corona virus 2019 Dilution - effective at 2%

Weight Price
Disinfectant 555 - 5 litresBIF05 6 kg 37.40
Trade pack size is perfect for small kitchens, restaurants and nursing homes, schools.
Disinfectant 555 - 25 litresBIF25 28 kg 92.30
The perfect pack size for smaller food distribution companies that need to clean vehicles inside and out on a daily basis. Please ask for discount if you want to order more than 1 x 25 litre.
Disinfectant 555 - 205 litresBIF205 230 kg 555.00
Bulk quantity for trde users and contractors.

Super Whizzo floor cleaner

Non caustic low foam floor cleaner

Designed to clean all types of floor, including non-slip surfaces ; concrete, marble, lino, laminated. Super Whizzo can be used by hand or machine. Its low foam formula means it is ideal for use in scrubber dryer machines. Typical dilutions are ...

Weight Price
Super Whizzo - 1 litreSUW01 1 kg 7.85
Retail pack size for household and office use.
Super Whizzo - 20 x 1 litresSUW120 22 kg 75.00
Case rates save money for rental outlets and contract cleaners.
Super Whizzo - 5 litresSUW05 6 kg 18.95
Trade pack for contract cleaners, offices, and garages.
Super Whizzo - 4 x 5 litresSUW20 22 kg 48.60
Case rates are not only more cost effective, but help you manage stock levels without running out.
Super Whizzo - 25 litresSUW25 28 kg 51.80
In old money this was called 5 gallons - the preferred size by contract cleaners, valeters, hauliers and warhousing operations.
Super Whizzo - 4 x 25 litreSUW100 112 kg 184.00
Discounted price for ordering 4 drums.
Super Whizzo - 205 litresSUW205 230 kg 296.00
The big barrel for bus depots, large warehouses and institutional users.
Super Whizzo - 1000 litresSUW1K 1150 kg 1025.00
The transitank is ideal for distributors and sales depots who repack into smaller sizes. Large warehouses also find this a cost effective option.

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