Maintenance Chemicals

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An essential range of ancillary chemicals used in cleaning and maintenance.

Aqua Lac engine protector

Water displacing fluid and electrical protector

A solvent based fluid designed to safeguard engines and electrical systems from the effects of damp, and chemically displace water after water has penentrated delicate electrical systems. In many cases when engines fail to operate smoothly after ...

Weight Price
Aqua Lac 350 mlAL035 0.5 kg 7.25
Retail pack - always handy in the event of electrical problems caused by damp or water ingress.
Aqua Lac 5 litresAL5 5 kg 24.00
Trade pack for mechanics, valeters, and fleet operators
Aqua Lac 25 litresAL25 24 kg 78.00
Bulk trade pack for busy garages and fleet operators.

Brake & Clutch Cleaner

Once again, says it on the tin

At the risk of stating the bloomin' obvious this special solvent blend cleans, degreasers and dries brake and clutch components. An essential product during routine services, and major overhauls.

Weight Price
Brake & Clutch Cleaner - 5 litresBAC05 4.5 kg 25.20
Its pull out pouring spout means it is safe and easy to dispense. This product can also be used with our 750 ml trigger spray with solvent resistent trigger, and our 1 litre pump up sprayer.
Brake & Clutch Cleaner - 4 x 5 litresBAC20 18 kg 69.60
Because it is universally used in garages abd workshop this product is available at case rates so you can save money.
Brake & Clutch Cleaner - 25 litresBAC25 22 kg 82.50
Larger pack size for busy workshops.

Demineralised Water

aka De-ionised water

A high quality purified water made using the reverse osmosis filtration system. Ideal for topping up batteries, or use in equipment that cannot use hard water. Guaranteed to have less than 20 ppm TDS (total dissolved solids). Prices get cheaper a...

Weight Price
Demineralised Water - 25 litresDWAT25 26 kg 16.95
Single 25 litre drum of demineralised water.
Demineralised Water - 4 x 25 litresDWAT100 104 kg 67.60
Discounted price for 4 x 25 litre drums.
Demineralised Water - 8 x 25 litresDWAT200 210 kg 127.20
Still cheaper for 8 x 25 litres of demin water.
Demineralised Water - 205 litresDWAT205 215 kg 154.00
1 x 205 litre barrel.
Demineralised Water - 16 x 25 litresDWAT400 420 kg 199.80
More cost effective still for 16 x 25 litre drums.
Demineralised Water - 32 x 25 litresDWAT800 860 kg 357.00
Double stacked pallet containing 32 x 25 litre drums at our best price.
Demineralised Water - 64 x 25 litresDWAT1600 1670 kg 598.00
64 x 25 litre drums on two pallets, for large users or distributors.
Demineralised Water - 4 x 205 litreDWAT820 850 kg 344.00
4 barrels (205 litre each) on a pallet.
Demineralised Water - 1 x 1000 litreDWAT1000 1070 kg 328.00
1 x IBC (Transitank) of demin water. Non returnable tank with top opening cap, and tap at bottom.

High Purity Demineralised Water

High purity water for industrial equipment

A high quality water with very low level of dissolved solids (less than 5 ppm) for applications in industrial equipment. For example cooling systems on generators, chillers and specialised motors where the machine manufacturer specifies a high pu...

Weight Price
High Purity Demin Water - 25 litresHPW25 26 kg 24.85
Single 25 litre drum.
High Purity Demin Water - 4 x 25 litresHPW100 104 kg 79.50
100 litres packed in 4 x 25 litre drums.
High Purity Demin Water - 8 x 25 litresHPW200 208 kg 145.00
200 litres packed in 8 x 25 litre drums.
High Purity Demin Water - 205 litresHPW205 219 kg 133.00
Supplied in one 205 litre barrel.
High Purity Demin Water - 16 x 25 litresHPW400 416 kg 255.00
400 litres packed in 16 x 25 litre drums.
High Purity Demin Water - 32 x 25 litresHPW800 860 kg 414.00
Full pallet quantity of 32 x 25 litre drums for the best value per litre.
High Purity Demineralised Water - 6 x 205 litresHPW1230 1275 kg 696.90

Ultra High Purity Demineralised Water

Purity of less than 1 ppm TDS

An extra filtration process purifies this water to the highest purity possible using reverse osmosis. We guarantee that this products contains less than 1 ppm TDS (total dissolved solids), and typically the purity is 0.5 ppm or less. For use in ...

Weight Price
Ultra High Purity Demin Water - 25 litresUHW25 26 kg 32.00
25 litres of Ultra High Purity Demin Water in a plastic drum. For easy dispensing order a tap for the 25 litre drum (see Dispensing Systems).
Ultra High Purity Demin Water - 2 x 25 litresUHW50 52 kg 48.00
50 litres of Ultra High Purity Demin Water packed as 2 x 25 litre drums of water.
Ultra High Purity Demin Water - 4 x 25 litres.UHW100 104 kg 84.00
100 litres of Ultra High Purity Demin water packed in 4 x 15 litre drums.

Screenwash All Seasons concentrate

Screen washer anti-freeze additive.

Our ever popular Screenwash All Seasons is a biodegradable concentrate, containing a pleasant fragrance. For summer use it can be diluted dow to 5%. For winter frost protection use at 25 - 50%. It is based on industrial alcohol. Cleans windscreen...

Weight Price
Screenwash all seasons - 15 x 1 litreSCW1 16 kg 29.55
The perfect size to carry in the car for those annoying times when your washer bottle runs dry. Box of 15 x 1 litre bottles
Screenwash all seasons - 2 x 5 litresSCW10 11 kg 16.95
To keep costs down this is the smallest pack size we do. It's not the cheapest screenwash around, but it is one of the best. Try it for yourself - because you're worth it.
Screenwash all seasons - 4 x 5 litresSCW20 20 kg 26.90
A case of 4 x 5 litres.
Screenwash all seasons - 25 litresSCW25 27 kg 29.50
For garages and fleet operators - put a tap on it for easy dispensing and dilution.
Screenwash All Seasons - 4 x 25 litres.SCW100 108 kg 119.00
A discounted price for multiple drums.
Screenwash All seasons - 8 x 25 litresSCW200 220 kg 178.00
Special bulk price for 8 x 25 litres of screenwash - best price possible and the convenience of 25 litre drums. Comes with a free tap for dispensing from the drum.
Screenwash all seasons - 205 litresSCW205 220 kg 158.50
For large fleet operators such as rental companies, bus operators and hauliers.
Screenwash All Seasons - 4 x 205 litreSCW820 840 kg 545.00
4 x 205 litre barrels of All Seasons Screenwash - packed on 1 pallet. Special price for Spring 2020
Scrrenwash All Seasons - 1000 litresSCW1000 1050 kg 685.00
Supplied in a 1000 litre IBC.

Distilled Water

Ultra pure water for laboratory use.

A very pure water made by the distillation process. Check carefully if you really need this product - it is much more expensive than normal demin water grades, and seldom justifiable.

Weight Price
Distilled Water - 5 litresDIS05 6 kg 11.40
Distilled Water - 25 litresDIS25 26 kg 42.50

Supa Nova spirit wipe

Panel wiping solvent for bodyshops

A special blend of xylene and aliphatic hydrocarbons. Quick drying, residue free. Used as a specialist panel wipe, or industrial degreaser where it is important to have a residue free finish.

Weight Price
Supa Nova - 5 litresSN05 4 kg 26.75
Perfect size for bodyshops and valeters.
Supa Nova - 25 litresSN25 22 kg 97.50
You shouldn't really need this much Supa Nova - but what the hec - if you insist.

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