Wheel Cleaners

Acidic detergent blends to remove brake dust and restore alloy wheels.

Alu Clean

Acid wheel cleaner

A strong acid blend, based on a mixture of hydrohloric and phosphoric acids. Designed for fast removal of brake dust and grime from steel and alloy wheels. Brush onto wheels, leave for only a few minutes, and then pressure wash off (a hose pipe ...

Weight Price
Alu Clean 500 mlAC05 0.5 kg 6.25
Retail pack for the enthusiast.
Alu Clean 5 litresAC5 6 kg 17.70
Trade pack for professional valeters, garages and fleet operators.
Alu Clean - 25 litresAC25 29 kg 48.75
Commercial pack for valeters and car wash operators.

Georges Aluminium Cleaner

A concentrated acid blend.

A best value blend of acids for cleaning all types of aluminium commercial vehicle bodywork, especially fridge and bulk trailer bodies. It is a concentrated blend of hydrochloric and phosphoric acid. Named after 'George' who helped us immeasurabl...

Weight Price
Georges Aluminium Cleaner 5 litresGEO5 6 kg 26.35
Enough to restore up to 15 square metres of aluminium.
Georges Aluminium Cleaner 25 litresGEO25 32 kg 87.20
Enough to restore up to 75 square metres of aluminium.
Georges Aluminium Cleaner - 205 litresGEO205 240 kg 424.00
Big barrel for large fleet operators or professional commercial vehicle cleaners.

Moonshine - tyre and tyre whitewall cleaner

Specialised cleaner to clean tyre whitewalls

Spray onto your whitewall tyres, and rinse off with water. Restores tyre whitewalls to gleaming white. Leaves no film or gloss - just cleans tyre leaving natural finish.

Weight Price
Moonshine - 1 litreMSH01 1.2 kg 9.25
Retail pack - 1 x 1 litre bottle.
Moonshine - 5 litresMSH05 6 kg 21.75
Tyre whitewall cleaner
Moonshine - 4 x 5 litresMSH20 22 kg 72.55
Trade pack of 4 x 5 litre containers.
Moonshine - 25 litresMSH25 28 kg 82.00
Professional or trade drum.

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