PLANET A - Environmentally Friendly Chemicals

A range of specially formulated biodegradable maintenance and cleaning chemicals designed to be as environmentally friendly as possible. And it's not just the chemical formula that is considered. The total manufacturing process, energy use, and packaging is considered. All ingredients are sustainably produced, and packaging is recyclable. This is a thoroughly eco friendly range to save Planet A - there is no Planet B.

Active Foam

High activity auto carwash foam

Active Foam produces a thick foam that gives a rich even texture when sprayed onto the car. Its special degreasing properties mean when it is rinsed it leaves a a perfectly clean streak free finish. Recommended dilution is between 1 - 2%.

Weight Price
Active Foam - 10 litresAF10 11 kg 19.50
Trade pack that fits neatly into most auto carwash and jet wash dosing stations.
Active Foam - 25 litresAF25 27 kg 39.00
More cost effective way of buying Active Foam. that also fits many dosing stations.
Active Foam - 4 x 25 litresAF100 108 kg 122.00
Discounted price for multiple pack order.
Active Foam - 205 litresAF205 225 kg 262.00
A higher activity high foam alternative to Car Shampoo E this pack size is ideal for bus operators with fleet sizes in excess of 50, with fixed brush washes.

Bus & Coach Shampoo

For automatic brush washes.

A low viscosity shampoo for automatic brush washes. Special properties include high lubricity to protect paintwork and brushes, good detergency for cleaning, and easy rinsing for a streak free finish in low water conditions.

Weight Price
Bus & Coach Shampoo - 25 litresBCS25 27 kg 36.80
Traditional jerry can drum for most small operators.
Bus & Coach Shampoo - 4 x 25 litresBCS100 125 kg 110.00
Multiple pack purchase option to save money on delivery.
Bus & Coach Shampoo - 205 litresBCS205 218 kg 209.00
Barrel volume for a cost effective purchase, the preferred pack for medium to large operators with fleet sizes of over 20 vehicles.
Bus & Coach Shampoo - 1000 litresBCS1K 1100 kg 695.00
Transitank option is the best way to buy for large sites washing 100 + vehicles on a daily basis.

Avalanche Washing Up Liquid

20% active eco-friendly detergent

A biodegradable ph neutral washing up liquid designed to be clean very well, be gentle on the environment and hands, and great value for money. All ingredients are sourced from sustainable sources, and are among the most biodegradabe of all deter...

Weight Price
Avalanche Washing Up Liquid - 1 litreAVA01 1.1 kg 2.75
The perfect size for the office or home. Special ergonomically designed bottle and directional spout.
Avalanche Washing Up Liquid - 10 x 1 litreAVA10 11 kg 19.55
Save money and buy a case of 10.
Avalanche Washing Up Liquid - 5 litresAVA5 5.5 kg 9.65
Trade pack for the office and workshop. Use to refill 1 litre bottles, or fit with the ounce-a-matic dispenser for easy use.
Avalanche Washing Up Liquid - 25 litresAVA25 27 kg 38.50
For large kitchens, restaurants, factories and abbattoirs. Use with the 25 litre tap.

Dib Dab

water based plastic and rubber sheen Dib Dab

A solvent free water based silicone emulsion, designed to be eco-friendly. When sprayed (or wiped) onto any rubber or plastic surface it dries to give a temporary sheen - not a bright shiny gloss, but a natural looking sheen. It is also ideal for...

Weight Price
Dib Dab - 350 mlDD035 0.5 kg 7.35
Retail pack size for the enthusiast.
Dib Dab - 5 litresDD5 5 kg 24.75
Trade pack for the valeter, garage or fleet operator. It would even suit the very enthusiastic enthusiast !
Dib Dab - 4 x 5 litresDD20 22 kg 87.00
For an extra good price buy a case of Dib Dab. Ideal for high volume valeters and garages, and fleet operators.
Dib Dab - 25 litresDD25 26 kg 104.00
1 x 25 lit drum of Dib Dab.

Car Shampoo E

Low viscosity vehicle shampoo

The 'E' means equipment grade, a special biodegradable low viscosity high foaming shampoo that is used in many applications - car washes, bus washes, truck cab cleaning, car and van washing. Viscosity is important, so low viscosity enables it to b...

Weight Price
Car Shampoo E - 1 litreCSE1 1 kg 5.75
A cost effective pack size of the enthusiast and diy-er
Car Shampoo E - 10 litresCSE10 11 kg 17.40
Mini trade pack that fits many auto brush washes. And it is a convenient pack size for low volume users.
Car Shampoo E - 25 litresCSE25 26 kg 39.80
Trade pack for garages, valeters, bus truck and van fleet operators
Car Shampoo E - 16 x 25 litresCSE400 395 kg 345.00
Because of the popularity of this product with trade users (auto and hand wash operators) we offer substantial discounts for bulk users. Price shown is for a pallet of 16 x 25 litre drums.
Car Shampoo E - 205 litresCSE205 218 kg 192.00
Bulk pack for large fleet operators. The most cost effective way to buy Car Shampoo E. Can be dispensed using a 205 litre syphon pump, or the machine chemical pipe can be placed directly into the barrel.


Eco friendly non caustic traffic film remover

A high quality highly concentrated Traffic Film Remover, it is designed to be biodegradable and environmentally friendly. It contains no caustic alkalis, no phosphates, no solvents, and all ingredients are selected due to their quick biodegradabi...

Weight Price
TFR 9 - 5 litresTFR905 6 kg 14.70
The ideal pack size for motorbike owners, scramblers, and caravan owners.
TFR 9 EX - 4 x 5 litresTFR920 22 kg 38.00
TFR 9 - 25 litresTFR925 28 kg 44.85
One of the most cost effective pack sizes - one of the most cost effective eco friendly products on the market.
TFR 9 - 4 x 25 litres.TFR9100 112 kg 147.55
Great money saving option if you are into saving money.
TFR 9 - 205 litresTFR9205 230 kg 238.00
205 litre is the Fleet operators' preferred pack size.
TFR 9 - 4 x 205 litres.TFR9800 960 kg 786.00
Pallet rate and, at the risk of sounding repetitive, what great value.
TFR 9 - 1000 litresTFR91K 1200 kg 895.00
The IBC or transitank should only be considered if you have an business large enough to justify this amount of product. If in doubt call us for advice. And remember we give discount for multi barrel orders.

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