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Hand Soap and Sanitiser pack for households

Hand Sanitiser and Mild Hand Soap

A pack specially put together so you can help protect yourself from bacteria and viruses. This pack contains 4 finger spray bottles of alcohol based hand sanitiser (liquid type, not gel), and 2 flip top bottles of a mild hand soap, ideal for freq...

Weight Price
Hand Sanitiser and Hand SoapHSS6 5 kg 23.75
4 x 350 ml bottles of alcohol based liquid hand sanitiser complete with a finger spray(not a gel), and 2 x 500 ml bottles of mild hand soap, ideal for frequent hand washing.
Hand Sanitiser and Hand Soap 2 x 5 litresHSS10 12 kg 58.00
Pack containing 5 litres of Alcohol Hand Sanitiser liquid 5 litres of Mild Hand Soap 2 x 350 ml finger spray applicators 2 x 500 ml flip top soap dispensing bottles.

Slalom - general sanisiter

General purpose sanitiser

A water based alkaline blend of sanitising and cleaning surfactants, for general use in kitchens, and food factories. Contact us for advice about your particular needs.

Weight Price
Slalom - 5 litresSLA005 6 kg 18.00
Small pack for smaller kitchens, pubs and restaurants.
Slalom - 4 x 5 litresSLA020 22 kg 65.00
4 x 5 litres of slalom.
Slalom - 25 litresSLA025 26 kg 66.00
Slalom - 4 x25 litresSLA100 108 kg 189.00
Slalom - 8 x 25 litresSLA200 230 kg 299.00
Slalom - 1 x 205 litresSLA205 230 kg 256.00

Sodium Metabisulphite


Used in the food industry to stop peeled potatoes from going brown, as a sterilant in a variety of applications i.e. beer and wine making.

Weight Price
Sodium Metabisulphite - 500 gramsSME005 0.6 kg 5.40
Small pack for home brewers and home winemaking.
Sodium Metabisulphite - 2 kilosSME02 2.5 kg 10.25
Ideal pack for fish and chip shops.
Sodium Metabisulphite - 5 kilosSME05 5.5 kg 17.50
Large commercial pack for food preparation businesses.
Sodium Metabisulphite - 25 kilosSME25 25 kg 55.50
Trade bag for businesses who prepare fresh food on a regular basis.
Sodium Metabisulphite - 100 kilosSME100 100 kg 183.00
Mutliple packs to save you money if you can justify the quantity.

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