Traffic Film Removers

As a leading expert in the manufacture and use of Traffic Film Remover (TFR), we have a comprehensive range, each one designed for a specific application. Everything from ready to use traffic film remover, to great value concentrated TFR. If you are not sure which one is right for you, email us or call us for advice.

High Caustic Concentrates The strongest types of traffic film remover and degreaser for heavy duty commercial applications.
Commercial Vehicle Fleet Cleaning The most commonly used products in the range, because they can clean all vehicle types, and meet the needs of professional cleaner, fleet operator and owner operator alike. They can all be used through steam cleaners, brush washes, gantry washes and by hand with a knap-sack sprayer.
Speciality Traffic Film Removers Water based alkaline cleaners with specially formulated to get the best results for different professional applications.
Non Caustic Traffic Film Removers For those users who insist on a completely caustic free product we have two alternative products. Both have excellent eco friendly profiles.

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