Cotton Cleaning and Polishing Cloth

100% cotton is the best material to use for cleaning, for its strength, absorbency and it does not scratch surfaces. It can also be washed through and used again, when it is often softer.

Washed Wipers

Cotton pieces for general workshop use. Washed Wipers

100% cotton pieces recycled from clothing, usually T-shirts and sweat shirts. It can be used for valeting, but it is not ideal for polishing. Really its main purpose is a workshop wipe. Cab be washed and re-used.

Weight 10 kg Price

Cotton Sheeting

Cotton Sheeting polishing cloth Cotton Sheeting

Recycled 100% cotton sheeting material cut into pieces. The perfect material to polish paintwork, apply Dib Dab plastic sheen, Hurricane Force tyre makeover, and tar & glue remover.

Weight Price
Cotton Sheeting - 1 kiloCS1 1 kg 3.25
A 1 kilo pack for the home, enthusiast and owner truck driver.
Cotton Sheeting - 10 kiloCS10 10 kg 28.25
Trade pack for garages and businesses.

Cotton Towelling

Recycled cotton towelling material Cotton Towelling

Recycled 100% cotton material ideal for towelling down cars after washing instead of leathering. Also perfect for glass cleaning, and any job requiring its highly absorbent properties.

Weight Price
Cotton Towelling - 1 kiloCT1 1 kg 4.80
Handy pack for the enthusiast or owner driver.
Cotton Towelling - 10 kiloCT10 10 kg 38.50
Trade pack for garages and businesses.

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