Special Products

Speciality products to enable easy chemical application.

Polish Applicator - round type

Small foam filled cotton polishing applicator Polish Applicator - round type

Ideal for the even and economical application of all types of wax polish, Chrome polish, or Dazzle. Can be washed and re-used.

Weight Price
Polish applicator round - singlePAR1 0.1 kg 2.10
A real one off for wax polish
Polish applicator round - pack of 5PAR5 0.2 kg 6.75
One for every day of the week (you can have the weekend off).

Polish Applicator - large

Large rectangular foam filled pad Polish Applicator - large

A larger and easier to use polish applicator that fits the hand perfectly and allows easier better and faster polishing. Ideal for garages, valeters and enthusiasts. It is a foam filled terri covered rectangular block that can be washed and re-u...

Weight Price
Polish Applicator large - singlePAL1 0.1 kg 2.85
One for all , and all for one?
Polish Applicator large - pack of 5PAL5 0.2 kg 12.80
Save money and buy an economy pack.

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