Mops & Buckets

Equipment for use with Super Whizzo Floor Cleaner to clean floors - mops, buckets, wet floor signs, squeegees.

The Complete Myrtle Mop

Head and handle. The Complete Myrtle Mop

I have road tested all the options, and come to the conclusion that this is the only mop head you really need (unless you need one of the myriad of other mop heads available i.e. for the food and hygiene industry). The ideal companion for Garry t...

Weight Price
The Complete Myrtle MopMYR007 1 kg 3.60
Can anything stop her?
The Complete Myrtle Mop x 5MYR507 0 kg 14.80
Five alive. What's worse than being mobbed by a gang of myrtles?

Myrtle Mop Head

A proper mop head. Myrtle Mop Head

Replacement mop head for the Complete Myrtle. A large mop head made of thick absorbent yarn - the traditional top quality mop material.

Weight Price
Myrtle Mop Head x 1MYR01 0.5 kg 2.20
A one and only.
Myrtle Mop Head x 5MYR05 2.5 kg 8.90
Myrtle and friends.

Myrtle's Stick

A wooden handle for Myrtle.

Cheap and cheerful simple wooden handle - does the job. Also fits Flo the floor squeegee. This handle is not colour coded, but colour coded handles are available at extra cost.

Weight Price
Myrtle's Stick x 1MS01 0.5 kg 1.75
A solitary handle.
Myrtle's Stick x 5MS05 2.5 kg 7.70
A pack of 5.

Garry the Galvanised Mop Bucket

The original mop bucket Garry the Galvanised Mop Bucket

With wringing out coned compartment and bucket this bucket offers traditional practicability with rugged durability.

Weight Price
Garry the bucket x 1GAZ1 5 kg 11.50
Myrtle where are you?

Myrtle Mop Bucket and Wringer

The Deluxe mop and bucket

Very sturdy bucket with wringer, on castors for easy movement, this had to be the bucket of choice when cleaning large floors.

Weight Price
Mrytle Mop Bucket with WringerMMW1 7 kg 75.50

Wet Floor Sign

A - frame caution wet floor sign.

Health and safety gone mad it might be, but nonetheless it is a very important part of modern cleaning.

Weight Price
Wet Floor Sign x 1WFS1 4 kg 6.75
60 cm X 30 cm A frame yellow sign.
Wet Floor Sign x 3WFS3 12 kg 16.00
If you can clean 3 floors all the same time you will need this pack of 3.

Flo the Floor Squeegee

Zinc plated steel with natural rubber blade

Nothing hi-tech here - just the best type of rubber blade to squeegee the floor really dry. This comes as the head alone, so remember to order a handle if you need one.

Weight Price
Flo the Floor SqueegeeFLO1 5 kg 7.20
A single 22 inch blade.
Flo the Floor Squeegee x 3FLO3 15 kg 18.60
Three times as good as Flo 1.

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