Dispensing Systems

Because we care about our customers, we also supply the things you need to get chemical out of the container quickly, economically, and without spillage. We have a specially selected range of alternatives. But please remember to check with us first if you want a dispensing system to use with chemicals not supplied with us - they may not fit or be compatible.

Ounce-a-matic Push Dispenser

Push down pump for plastic jerry cans.

A push pump dispenser that fits into our 5, 10 and 25 litre containers. Ideal for dispensing hand soap, wash n wax, dib dab etc. There is no gaurantee that these dispensers will fit containers supplied by other manufacturers.

Weight Price
Ounce-a-matic Dispenser - 5 litreOUN1 0.3 kg 3.65
A push pump dispenser that fits in our 5 litre containers. Ideal for dispensing hand soap, Wash n Wax, Car Shampoo E and Traffic Film Remover.
Ounce-a-matic Dispenser - 25 litreOUN2 0.5 kg 3.95
Push dispenser for our 25 litre container.

Syphon Pump 25 litre

Dispenser for 25 litre drums Syphon Pump 25 litre

Plastic pump that fits all 25 litre containers, and dispenses liquids quickly and efficiently using the syphon principle. A simple screw seals or breaks the syphon to start or stop the flow.

Weight Price
Syphon Pump 25 litre x 2SP25 1 kg 11.45
2 x Plastic syphon pumps for 25 litre drums. No single option is available because it is simply not cost effective to pack and ship one item.
Syphon pump 25 litre - pack of 5SP525 2 kg 24.75

Syphon Pump 205 litre

Dispenser for 205 litre barrels Syphon Pump 205 litre

A very easy and safe way of dispensing liquids from 205 litre barrels. Just place the syphon pump in the barrel, use the hand bulb to pump the liquid into the pump and when all the air has been displaced the liquid flows freely due to the syphoni...

Weight Price
Syphon Pump 205 litre - eachSP205 1 kg 19.80
Syphon Pump 205 litre - pack of 5SP5205 5 kg 83.50

Tap 3/4 inch

Small tap for 205 litre metal barrels

Plastic tap for dispensing oils and solvents from a 205 litre barrel.

Weight Price
Tap 3/4 inchGT01 0.25 kg 2.95
Small gold tap for 205 litre barrels. Fits the small 3/4 inch hole in barrel top.
Tap 3/4 inch - pack of 5GT05 1 kg 12.65
Pack of 5 taps.

Tap for 25 litre drum

Tap for 25 litre drum

A tap that screws onto all of OUR 25 litre plastic drums allowing easy and accurate dispensing. It is NOT a universal size or thread, so it will NOT FIT other types of 25 litre container supplied by other companies. ONLY order these taps if it i...

Weight Price
Tap X 1TAP25 0.25 kg 5.75
One tap for use with 25 litre drums. Can be used with all products supplied in 25 litre drums.
Tap for 25 litre drum - pack of 4TAP425 1 kg 25.95

25 Litre Plastic Jerry Can

PVC natural (clear) UN Cert plastic container

Used for storing hazardous and non hazardous water based chemicals, including most acids and alkalis.

Weight Price
25 litre Jerry Can - plasticDRM25 1 kg 6.95
PVC natural UN certified container, complete with cap. The 25 litre tap shown on this website fits this drum.
25 litre Jerry Can - plastic x 40DRM25/40 60 kg 196.00
Pack of 40 plastic containers.

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