Hoses & Couplers

A variety of hoses to help you manage your water supply.

Garden Hose

30 metre green garden hose

A top quality British made hose manufactured from recycled material with added plasticiser, that keeps the hose pliable and durable, giving it a much longer life than other cheaper hoses. Size - 1/2 inch internal diameter - it can be fitted with ...

Weight Price
Green Garden Hose - 30 metreGGH30 5 kg 11.55
A 30 metre roll of this very cost effective reinforced garden hose.
Green Garden Hose - 50 metreGGH50 8 kg 17.45
Extra long hose larg gardens or extended limos !

Extraflex Yellow Hose 1/2 inch

Heavy Duty PVC Hose with reinforcement - 25 metre

An 1/2 inch internal diameter industrial grade water hose recognised in the industry as a top quality hose. High quality plastics, and pioneering braided internal reinforcement make this hose a must for quality minded users. Made in Britain by Co...

Weight Price
Extraflex Heavy Duty Hose - 25 metreYH25 5 kg 16.50
A standard roll of 1/2 inch internal diameter hose.
Extraflex Heavy Duty Hose - 50 metreYH50 10 kg 28.60
A long roll of 1/2 inch internal diameter hose for extra reach.
Extraflex Heavy Duty Hose - 100 metreYH100 20 kg 48.00
An extra long hose for commercial operations - garage forecourts, haulage yards, bus depots.

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