Super Whizzo floor cleaner

Non caustic low foam floor cleaner

Designed to clean all types of floor, including non-slip surfaces ; concrete, marble, lino, laminated. Super Whizzo can be used by hand or machine. Its low foam formula means it is ideal for use in scrubber dryer machines. Typical dilutions are from 1% to 10% depending on degree of soiling and type of floor. It is available in the widest possible pack size reflecting its versatility and popularity.

Weight Price
Super Whizzo - 1 litreSUW01 1 kg 7.85
Retail pack size for household and office use.
Super Whizzo - 20 x 1 litresSUW120 22 kg 75.00
Case rates save money for rental outlets and contract cleaners.
Super Whizzo - 5 litresSUW05 6 kg 18.95
Trade pack for contract cleaners, offices, and garages.
Super Whizzo - 4 x 5 litresSUW20 22 kg 48.60
Case rates are not only more cost effective, but help you manage stock levels without running out.
Super Whizzo - 25 litresSUW25 28 kg 51.80
In old money this was called 5 gallons - the preferred size by contract cleaners, valeters, hauliers and warhousing operations.
Super Whizzo - 4 x 25 litreSUW100 112 kg 184.00
Discounted price for ordering 4 drums.
Super Whizzo - 205 litresSUW205 230 kg 296.00
The big barrel for bus depots, large warehouses and institutional users.
Super Whizzo - 1000 litresSUW1K 1150 kg 1025.00
The transitank is ideal for distributors and sales depots who repack into smaller sizes. Large warehouses also find this a cost effective option.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Cotswold Cleaning from Gloucestershire

I first tried Super Whizzo because a friend recommended it, and after trying it once I was converted. It is a concentrate, and so is very cost effective, and does a fantastic job.

June 2015

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