Low Foam alkaline degreaser.

A high activity low foam alkaline liquid that cleans all types of metal components, even sensitive metals such as aluminium, brass and copper. Although designed for use in hot water washers it can be used cold. Dilutions 5 - 10% are recommended.

Weight Price
Sundclean 101 - 5 litresSUN05 6 kg 33.75
An ideal sample pack to try Sundclean 101 in your application, so you can check it meets your requirements.
Sundclean 101 - 25 litresSUN25 29 kg 84.00
Commonly purchased pack for small and medium sized engineering companies.
Sundclean 101 - 205 litresSUN205 240 kg 475.00
The most cost effective pack option for most engineering companies with continually operating tunnel washes/
Sundclean 101 - 1000 litreSUN1000 1175 kg 1955.00
Bulk package for large engineering cleaning requirements.

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