Car Shampoo E

Low viscosity vehicle shampoo

The 'E' means equipment grade, a special biodegradable low viscosity high foaming shampoo that is used in many applications - car washes, bus washes, truck cab cleaning, car and van washing. Viscosity is important, so low viscosity enables it to be fed through narrow pipes commonly found in brush washes. It is used by hand (sponge and bucket) and through car, bus and truck auto-brush washes. Car Shampoo E is the best value biodegradable car and vehicle shampoo on the market.

Weight Price
Car Shampoo E - 1 litreCSE1 1 kg 5.75
A cost effective pack size of the enthusiast and diy-er
Car Shampoo E - 5 litresCSE05 11 kg 11.40
Mini trade pack that fits many auto brush washes. And it is a convenient pack size for low volume users.
Car Shampoo E - 25 litresCSE25 26 kg 44.80
Trade pack for garages, valeters, bus truck and van fleet operators
Car Shampoo E - 16 x 25 litresCSE400 395 kg 395.00
Because of the popularity of this product with trade users (auto and hand wash operators) we offer substantial discounts for bulk users. Price shown is for a pallet of 16 x 25 litre drums.
Car Shampoo E - 205 litresCSE205 218 kg 221.00
Bulk pack for large fleet operators. The most cost effective way to buy Car Shampoo E. Can be dispensed using a 205 litre syphon pump, or the machine chemical pipe can be placed directly into the barrel.

Customer Reviews

Suprisingly good
Reviewed by Keith Wood from Portsmouth

We have a fleet of vans we have to keep clean on a daily basis. So we use quite alot of shampoo. Most times i run out and wait for one of the mobile van sales to come round, but this website caught my eye. The price seemed a bit too cheap compared to some of the prices I find myself paying, so I wasn't especting anything special. But it works really well, and is economical when used with the tap for 25 litre containers that I also bought. Next time I am going to buy two drums so I don't run out. And Car shampoo e has a interesting strawberry smell instead of a chemical smell. The service was also good - the drum arrived in good time, and it came with a cosh sheet, which is important as I use it for business. All good - can't fault the product or the company.

May 2009
This review applies to the Car Shampoo E - 25 litres version.

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