High foaming interior shampoo concentrate

For all automtive and domestic fabric and carpet cleaning. Designed to be used by hand, or with a spray mist, or cloth and bucket. It can also be used on all types of leather, plastic and rubber trim. Make up a dilute solution (5% to 25% depending on degree of soiling) and wipe surfaces with a cloth or sponge. Then rinse the cloth, and wipe clean. Allow sufficient time to dry before applying any final plastic sheen (i.e. Dib Dab).

Weight Price
Summit - 500 mlSUM05 0.5 kg 5.45
Retail pack for use in the car, and home.
Summit - 5 litresSUM5 6 kg 14.40
Ideal for professional users, and can be used with the ounnce-a-matic dispenser.
Summit - 4 X 5 litresSUM20 22 kg 42.50
Buy it by the case for extra discount
Summit - 25 litresSUM25 27 kg 45.60
Trade sized drum for the really busy garage or professional cleaner. Can be used with the 25 litre drum tap, or the 25 litre syphon pump

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