Hectors Wax

Dust free recleaning polish
Hectors Wax

A unique dust free formulation for quick and easy repolishing of good quality paintwork. Contains silicone oils, beeswax and carnauba wax. Spray on and buff up - use it on painted panels, plastic and rubber trim, and glass (but not the windscreen). An ideal product for the classic car owner - if you are showing your car just 10 minutes easy work after you arrive and you are ready for the judges ! Because I am a fussy old Hector.

Weight Price
Hectors Wax - 500 mlHW05 0.5 kg 9.95
Trigger spray for easy application
Hectors Wax - 5 litresHW5 6 kg 27.50
Trade pack for garages, valeters and car clubs.
Hectors Wax - 25 litresHW25 25 kg 101.00
Trade / distributor pack size.

Customer Reviews

One product does it all
Reviewed by Peter Ashby, McIntyre Caravans from Gloucester

The cleanliness of our caravans is a vital part of our presentation, so its essential we use the best products. Hectors Wax does everything inside the caravan. from acrylic windows and laminate, to wood surfaces. It is particularly good for veneered cabinets and trim. It makes cleaning so easy - I can pick up one bottle and clean all the hard surfaces inside. Haven't found anything better.

May 2009
This review applies to the Hectors Wax - 5 litres version.

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