Super Clear XX glass cleaning liquid

Water based liquid glass cleaner

For a really quick result new formula Super Clear is the professional's choice. Spray on wipe off for a perfect finish. Can be used on exterior and interior glass. It can be used equally well on automotive and household glass and mirrors.

Weight Price
Super Clear - 500 mlSC05 0.5 kg 6.95
Trigger spray version for easy application.
Super Clear - 5 litresSC5 6 kg 14.45
Trade pack for fleet operators, car valeters, and car dealers.
Super Clear - 4 x 5 litresSC20 22 kg 48.00
Get that extra discount by buying at the case rate - perfect for contract cleaners.
Super Clear - 25 litresSC25 27 kg 49.50
An alternative to buying by the case for the best price. Use a 25 litre tap or a 25 litre syphon pump for easy dispensing.
Super Clear - 205 litresSC205 210 kg 254.00
Industrial pack size for cleaning contractors and large fleet users.

Customer Reviews

Stark Raving Mad !
Reviewed by Carl Wade, Nick King Car Sales from Gloucester

I've been happily using Superclear for the last three years for the simple reason that it cleans glass perfectly and then BCP went and messed with it and replaced it with Superclear 4. I thought it was impossible to improve on perfection but they did. Anyone who cleans glass and doesn't use Superclear 4 is in my oppinion stark raving mad!

April 2009

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