Georges Aluminium Cleaner

A concentrated acid blend.

A best value blend of acids for cleaning all types of aluminium commercial vehicle bodywork, especially fridge and bulk trailer bodies. It is a concentrated blend of hydrochloric and phosphoric acid. Named after 'George' who helped us immeasurably in the formulation of the product. It works brilliantly at restoring tarnished aluminium that is found on many commercial vehicles - tipper bodies, aluminium fuel tanks etc. Also helps to protect it against damage from salt and traffic film.

Weight Price
Georges Aluminium Cleaner 5 litresGEO5 6 kg 26.35
Enough to restore up to 15 square metres of aluminium.
Georges Aluminium Cleaner 25 litresGEO25 32 kg 87.20
Enough to restore up to 75 square metres of aluminium.
Georges Aluminium Cleaner - 205 litresGEO205 240 kg 424.00
Big barrel for large fleet operators or professional commercial vehicle cleaners.

Customer Reviews

Back to as good as new condition
Reviewed by John Jones, Rothdean Ltd from Cinderford, Glos

We have been using Georges Aluminium Cleaner for 15 years, and we wouldn't use anything else. We deal in aluminium bodies vehicles and appearance is everything. When we use it on older trailers it removes the dull tarnish and makes them glisten again. It is an essential part of our trailer reconditioning programme.

May 2009

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