Syphon Pump 205 litre

Dispenser for 205 litre barrels
Syphon Pump 205 litre

A very easy and safe way of dispensing liquids from 205 litre barrels. Just place the syphon pump in the barrel, use the hand bulb to pump the liquid into the pump and when all the air has been displaced the liquid flows freely due to the syphonic action. To stop the flow just unscrew the knob to let air into the pump, and the flow stops. For all health and safety officers, this system has to be one of the most risk free ways of dispensing hazardous liquids, as the barrel does not have to be tipped, or stored on its side.

Weight Price
Syphon Pump 205 litre - eachSP205 1 kg 19.80
Syphon Pump 205 litre - pack of 5SP5205 5 kg 83.50

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