Waterless De-Icer

Defrosting solution for vehicle glass

As the name implies this product is pure alcohol with special additives to help prevent ice reforming. Many products from other manufacturers may contain some water - ours contains 100% alcohol. The photo above illustrates how effective it is. On a recent cold morning the windscreen had a heavy frost on it, and a powdering of snow. One quick applicationstarts to clear the ice immediately on contact, the screen typically being clear within 15 seconds. The right hand side of the screen was not treated, and so is still heavily iced up.

Weight Price
Waterless De-icer - 750 mlWD05 0.5 kg 4.75
Keep this bottle in your car so its ready to clear whenever jack frost appears.
Waterless De-Icer - 6 x 750 mlWD056 3 kg 26.55
Pack of 6 bottles.
Waterless De-icer - 5 litresWD5 5 kg 22.90
Trade pack for fleet operators.
Waterless De-icer - 25 litresWD25 26 kg 69.80
Bulk pack - order a 25 litre drum tap for easy dispensing.

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