Vikan Vehicle Brushing Systems

Special soft bristle vehicle brushes and range of
Vikan Vehicle Brushing Systems

Vikan vehicle brushes and handles are made of the toughest materials, and built to the highest standards to survive the worst treatment a trucker can give them. An example of the saying 'buy cheap, buy often - buy quality, buy for keeps'.

Weight Price
Standard vehicle brush475552 2 kg 16.67
Standard vehicle brush A 250 mm sturdy truck cleaning brush that is big enough to do a proper cleaning job, but small enough to get into awkward spaces. Contains a water channel. Use with any of the handles listed.
Large Vehicle Wash Brush475752 3 kg 28.40
Large Vehicle Wash Brush A wider 400 mm wash brush for larger truck van bodies, curtainside trailers and tankers. With a water channel. Use with any of the handles.
Wheel Rim Brush545252 1 kg 19.43
Wheel Rim Brush A large round brush specially for cleaning wheels, tanks, and undercahssis areas. Use with any of the handles listed.
Standard wooden handle29251 1 kg 7.20
A 1.4 metre cheap black wooden handle that can be used with all the truck cleaning brushes. Just like Forest Gump its not complicated, it just keeps going and going ...
Standard Aluminium Handle293752/1 1 kg 12.29
A 1.5 metre top quality aluminium handle for use with any of the truck cleaning brushes.
Aluminium Handle with water channel299152 1 kg 13.39
A top quality 1.5 metre aluminium water fed handle with quick release fitting. Can be used with all the brushes listed. For water fed supply ensure you have the compatible quick release coupling / hose kit.
Female Coupler with hosetailQR0703 0.2 kg 10.50
A quick release coupler that connects to the water fed handle. It has a half inch hose tail, and stop valve that stops the water supply when you disconnect.
Male quick release couplerQR0712 0.2 kg 4.56
A male quick release coupler that fits into the water fed handles.

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