Chrome Polish

Bare metal and chrome polish.

A heavy duty cutting polish for badly weathered metal and rusty chrome. It can be used on brass, aluminium, silver and stainless steel. It contains a complex blend of oils and silicone to give it outstanding results. If you want a brighter highly polished polished finish, follow up with Dazzle or Vintage Gold Wax Polish. Ammonia free it is pleasant to use, and does not stain delicate finishes.

Weight Price
Chrome Polish - 250 mlCP025 0.4 kg 9.55
An essential special polish for all enthusiasts. But it is one of those udeful little bottles most households could benefit for those special polishing jobs everyone occasionally needs.
Chrome Polish - 1 litreCP01 1.3 kg 17.40
For craftmen, trade renovators and petrol heads.

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