Dispensers for paper products.

All our paper products has their own dispenser, if you need them.

Weight Price
Autobox Paper DispenserABD 1 kg 10.75
Although it can be used as a stand alone paper roll in its box, you can mount the box on this metal wall mounted dispenser.
Blue Centre Feed Roll DispenserBCD 2 kg 21.45
A lockable plastic wall mounted dispenser to hold one roll.
Monster Blue Paper Floor Stand.MBCD 4 kg 21.00
A floor mounted dispenser for the monster blue paper roll.
Mini Centre Feed DispenserMCFD 3 kg 16.60
A wall mounted plastic lockable dispenser holding onr mini roll.
Bog Standard Toilet Roll HolderBGD 2 kg 14.60
Lockable dispenser for holding up to 4 rolls of toilet paper.
Jumbo Toilet Roll DispenserJTTD 3 kg 16.90
A plastic lockable wall mounted dispenser.
Mini Jumbo Toilet Roll DispenserMJTD 2 kg 13.60
A plastic lockable wall mounted dispenser.

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