Avalanche Washing Up Liquid

20% active eco-friendly detergent

A biodegradable ph neutral washing up liquid designed to be clean very well, be gentle on the environment and hands, and great value for money. All ingredients are sourced from sustainable sources, and are among the most biodegradabe of all detergents. Contains no added salt, phosphates, solvents, or alkalis.

Weight Price
Avalanche Washing Up Liquid - 1 litreAVA01 1.1 kg 2.75
The perfect size for the office or home. Special ergonomically designed bottle and directional spout.
Avalanche Washing Up Liquid - 10 x 1 litreAVA10 11 kg 19.55
Save money and buy a case of 10.
Avalanche Washing Up Liquid - 5 litresAVA5 5.5 kg 9.65
Trade pack for the office and workshop. Use to refill 1 litre bottles, or fit with the ounce-a-matic dispenser for easy use.
Avalanche Washing Up Liquid - 25 litresAVA25 27 kg 38.50
For large kitchens, restaurants, factories and abbattoirs. Use with the 25 litre tap.

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