Screenwash Winter Concentrate

Extra Concentrated from 90 p.p.litre

For safety this is based on ethanol not methanol. It is designed to clean and degrease windscreens, and protect from frost at temperatures down to -45'C.

Weight Price
Screenwash Winter Concentrate - 5 litresSWC05 5 kg 14.60
Screenwash Winter Concentrate - 4 x 5 litresSWC20 20 kg 38.50
Screenwash Winter Concentrate - 25 litresSWC25 25 kg 44.40
Ideal for small fleet operators, like taxi operators, companies with a small fleet of cars, vans, or trucks.
Screenwash Winter Concentrate - 4 x 25 litresSWC100 104 kg 164.00
100 litres of Screenwash Winter Concentrate packed in 4 x 25 litre drums.
Screenwash Winter concentrate - 8 x 25 litresSWC200 220 kg 275.00
Special bulk price for 8 x 25 litres of screenwash - best price possible and the convenience of 25 litre drums. Comes with a free tap for dispensing from the drum.
Screenwash Winter Concentrate - 205 litresSWC205 205 kg 256.50
For large fleet operators this pack size of a 205 litre barrel can be used with a 205 litre Syphon Pump.

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