Used chemical transitanks. Heavy Duty Plastic bottle within a steel frame, mounted on a steel or wooden pallet base. With top opening and bottom tap. Ideal for use as water storage for gardens, allotments, farms. The price does not include delivery - collection only. Delivery can be made by special arrangement within the Forest of Dean only.

Weight Price
Water Butt 1000 litre - A gradeWB1000A 70 kg 65.00
Nearly new tank, thoroughly washed and ready for immediate service.
Water Butt 1000 litre - B gradeWB1000B 70 kg 39.00
Used and slightly damaged tank ,but still structurally sound. Wshed and ready for service.
Water Butt 1000 litre - C gradeWB1000C 70 kg 19.90
Slightly damaged tank and slightly stained. Washed but may have some tainting from products stored in tank. Perfectly good enough for gardening use.
Water Butt 1000 litre - D gradeWB1000D 70 kg 8.29
Old and damaged tank. Serviceable but not pretty. Good enough providing you are not growing prize winning marrows or the like!

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