Screenwash Fleetscreen Concentrate

Bulk screenwash for fleet and trade use.

For use in large fleets, Fleetscreen is a concentrated screenwash to be diluted. It can also be 'ready-to-use'. Gives frost protection down to -15'C in neat form. It is based on methanol, so is for trade and professional use only.

Weight Price
Screenwash Fleetscreen - 205 litresSFS205 210 kg 149.90
Screenwash Fleetscreen - 2 X 205 litresSFS410 402 kg 298.00
Pallet of 2 barrels of ready to use screenwash - 410 litres in total.
Screenwash Fleetscreen - 4 x 205 litresSFS820 820 kg 498.00
Pallet of 4 barrels of ready to use screenwash - 820 litres in total
Screenwash Fleetscreen - 1000 litreSFS1000 1050 kg 586.00
Supplied in a 1000 litre IBC.

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