Dib Dab

water based plastic and rubber sheen

A solvent free water based silicone emulsion, designed to be eco-friendly. When sprayed (or wiped) onto any rubber or plastic surface it dries to give a temporary sheen - not a bright shiny gloss, but a natural looking sheen. It is also ideal for black rubber mats used inside vehicles, especially in the interior of vans and minibuses. It adds the finishing touch for that professional looking valet. It can be used for interior and exterior trim.

Weight Price
Dib Dab - 350 mlDD035 0.5 kg 7.35
Retail pack size for the enthusiast.
Dib Dab - 5 litresDD5 5 kg 24.75
Trade pack for the valeter, garage or fleet operator. It would even suit the very enthusiastic enthusiast !
Dib Dab - 4 x 5 litresDD20 22 kg 87.00
For an extra good price buy a case of Dib Dab. Ideal for high volume valeters and garages, and fleet operators.
Dib Dab - 25 litresDD25 26 kg 104.00
1 x 25 lit drum of Dib Dab.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Mike Camps from Gloucester

I have been using Dib Dab for some years now, and have found it an excellent product to use both on my own Car and on HGV's. As a self-employed freelance HGV driver I feel it is important for my future employment prospects to leave other people's vehicles in as good if - not better - condition than I found it. Dib Dab is a very easy quick and effective product to use and leaves the vehicle looking good and smelling good too!

April 2009
This review applies to the Dib Dab - 5 litres version.

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