Wash 'n Wax

Exterior shampoo with natural carnauba wax

A thick concentrated high foaming shampoo that contains premium quality carnauba wax. It not only cleans paintwork effectively, but leaves a superb streak free wax finish. Use it by hand with a sponge or wash mitt to clean good quality paintwork. A favorite with truck operators to clean truck cabs, and also ideal for use on everything from your day to day runabout to your prize winning concours classic. It's no substitute for a good hand polish with Vintage Gold Wax, but it keeps good paintwork looking good imbetween your regular polish applications.

Weight Price
Wash n Wax - 5 litresWNW5 6 kg 19.75
Typical trade pack size - buy just one, or a case of 4 and get a case discount
Wash n Wax - 4 X 5 litresWNW20 22 kg 49.50
Special trade pack of 4 x 5 litres, at a special trade price. And free delivery.
Wash n Wax - 25 litresWNW25 27 kg 58.30
Large pack for garages and workshops. Screw top taps for the 25 litre drum are available to ensure economical and fuss free dispensing.
Wash n Wax - 4 x 25 litres.WNW100 108 kg 174.00
Multiple pack purchase to save money compared to buying just one 25 litre at a time.

Customer Reviews

I love Wash n Wax
Reviewed by R Burris from Chepstow

I love Wash N Wax, I love clean , shiny cars.But, I do not love cleaning them so much.
But Wash n Wax makes it easy.Stubborn dirt lifts easily, without rubbing, you can feel the wax going on, it is so smooth.If you rinse well, there is no need to dry off.
And the shine, yes , the shine persists for noticably longer than with other products which I have used.
Just washed two cars, quickly too !!

December 2013
Great finish
Reviewed by J Parker from Harlow

Very nice finish - I heard alot about this wash n wax from friends so had to try it. The best I found.

January 2012
This review applies to the Wash n Wax - 5 litres version.
Very good
Reviewed by Ed Bradbury from Salisbury, Wilts

There are so many wash and wax products in the shops and online and so its difficult to know which one to buy. I often just buy the cheapest or use the wifes washing up liquid, but its difficult to get a good finish, as they dry leaving a slight residue. But this wash and wax is so incredibly good. It gives lots of bubbles, cleans well and all I do is point the hose pipe at it to rinse, and it does dry with no smears or streaks. It has some doubts when I bought it as it is more expensive than most, but I dont regret it atall. I would tell anyone who asked to give it a go if you have a car that you like to keep in showroom condition.

May 2009

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