Super concentrated traffic film remover

This is our best selling Traffic Film Remover. It cleans thoroughly on the first application, and represents outstanding value for money. It contains 4% caustic soda, so is not suited for car washing - it is designed for commercial vehicle chassis cleaning and MOT steam cleaning. For use through most makes of steam cleaners and cold pressure washers. It cuts through dirt and grease especially when used through high pressure steam cleaners, reducing cleaning time, thus saving operators time and money. Recommended dilutions are 0.5 - 2%. Regular deliveries throughout Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, Bristol, Worcester and Hereford.

Weight Price
TFR 1 - 5 litresTFR105 6 kg 24.75
Because TFR 1 is a super-concentrate 5 litres can be diluted with water to make 25 litre of good ready to use TFR.
TFR 1 - 25 litresTFR125 30 kg 94.20
Commonly bought pack size for this product. It is ideal for use by small fleet operators and car valeters.
TFR 1 - 4 X 25 litresTFR1100 124 kg 198.00
Special price for 4 x 25 litre drums.
TFR 1 - 205 litresTFR1205 240 kg 309.00
Preferred by large fleet operators, and busy profesional valeters.
TFR 1 - 1000 litreTFR11K 1250 kg 1490.00
Delivered as an IBC (intermediate bulk container, or transitank). This needs to be moved on site with a forklift. The most cost effective way of buying TFR if you can justify the volume.

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