Screenwash All Seasons concentrate

Screen wash & anti-freeze additive.

Screenwash All Seasons is a biodegradable concentrate, containing a pleasant fragrance. For summer use it can be diluted dow to 5%. For winter frost protection use at 25 - 50%. When used neat it protects down to -16'C. It is based on a mix of industrial alcohols. Cleans windscreens without smearing. For trade and professional use only.

Weight Price
Screenwash all seasons - 2 x 5 litresSCW10 11 kg 19.95
To keep costs down this is the smallest pack size we do. It's not the cheapest screenwash around, but it is one of the best.
Screenwash all seasons - 4 x 5 litresSCW20 20 kg 38.90
A case of 4 x 5 litres.
Screenwash all seasons - 25 litresSCW25 27 kg 40.50
For garages and fleet operators - put a tap on it for easy dispensing and dilution.
Screenwash All Seasons - 4 x 25 litres.SCW100 108 kg 138.00
A discounted price for multiple drums.
Screenwash All seasons - 8 x 25 litresSCW200 220 kg 239.00
Special bulk price for 8 x 25 litres of screenwash - best price possible and the convenience of 25 litre drums.
Screenwash all seasons - 205 litresSCW205 220 kg 188.50
For large fleet operators such as rental companies, bus operators and hauliers.
Screenwash All Seasons 2 x 205 litSCW410 420 kg 406.00
Special deal - price includes free shipping to any destination in mainland England and Wales. Scotland may be surcharged.
Screenwash All Seasons - 4 x 205 litreSCW820 840 kg 685.00
4 x 205 litre barrels of All Seasons Screenwash - packed on 1 pallet. Special deal INCLUDES FREE SHIPPING anywhere mainland England & Wales.
Scrrenwash All Seasons - 1000 litresSCW1000 1050 kg 685.00
Supplied in a 1000 litre IBC.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by R Crowe from Worcester

It is the best screenwash I have found because it really cleans windscreens without smearing. It might cost more than others but its worth every penny.

April 2009

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