Screenwash Extra Cold

Screen washer additive for extra cold conditions.

For extremely cold temperatures below minus 10'C you might want to use Screenwash Extra Cold. Fortunately in the UK it is rarely needed. But if you are travelling abroad, or your car is parked in a particularly exposed area try this for extra frost protection. Use a 25% solution for protection down to minus 12'C, a 50% solution for protection down to minus 30'C, or neat for protection down to minus 70'C

Weight Price
Screenwash Extra Cold - 1 litreSWX01 1 kg 7.25
Be ready for those few brief cold snaps with this 1 litre bottle. Top up your washer bottle to give you added frost protection.
Screenwash Extra Cold - 5 litresSWX5 5 kg 20.55
Use it as described. Or extend 5 litres to make 25 litres of standard screenwash.
Screenwash Extra Cold - 4 x 5 litSWX20 22 kg 82.40
Box of 4 x 5 litre containers.
Screenwash Extra Cold - 25 litresSWX25 26 kg 88.00
Trade pack for fleet operators.

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